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Summer Schedule

Sunday afternoon starting June 25th 1pm-5pm

Schedule is TBD 

Summer Box Lacrosse League 2017

Registration is  non-refundable. 

Senior Division

(18+ years old by June 25th, 2017)

Games at 3pm or 4pm Sundays.

The league is structured for 4 teams to  compete in a 7 week season, starting June 25th, with a chance to win "The Cup". Games for the Senior Division will be on Sundays at either the 3pm or 4pm slot. Expect to play with/against a solid group of guys that like to have fun, but still keep it competitive.

Battle Born Box Lacrosse League

Get Better!


“American field players would really help themselves if they were exposed to a steady stream of box experience. Box lacrosse is an extremely valuable background for a young player, we need to incorporate more of the indoor skills in to the field game. It is almost a requirement to have a top player with indoor experience on your roster right now.” - University of Virginia Head Coach, Dom Starsia

Please Note:

THIS IS LAS VEGAS' ONLY LEGITIMATE BOX LACROSSE LEAGUE. We play with all appropriate goalie equipment and play at a CLA Standard (Canadian Lacrosse Association). Box lacrosse is an aggressive version of the game with very deep roots. That is why it is encouraged to wear the appropriate rib and full arm protection when playing box lacrosse. With the exception of goalies, players are able to participate using all of their field gear, but BBBL suggests purchasing the Under Armour rib guards below that we order at a discounted rate through the dealer. Box lacrosse is not for everyone, but we'd love to have you if you're up for the challenge.

Lady Reb's Division

Starting June 25th, 2017

(Games at 1pm or 2pm Sundays)

This will be the inaugural season with women's indoor lacrosse. They will be playing an field lacrosse rules with adjustments to the goal size and less players on the floor to compensate for the smaller playing area. The  league is structured for 2-4 teams to  compete in a 7 week season, starting June 25th. Games for the Womens Division will be on Sundays at either the 1pm or 2pm slot. Expect lots of playing time and faster tempo version of the game to improve your skill!

League Rules/Regulations

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All post game gatherings will be hosted by the fine people at Parkway Tavern. League participants can look forward to discounted food/drink specials! A bar that appreciates lacrosse? You gotta show them love!